Sunday, October 3

Our Bags are Packed

And we are almost ready to go! We are MOVING to San Antonio, TEXAS in just about 2 weeks. We are very excited, yet a little overwhelmed at the sudden uproot. We have never been to San Antonio and know nothing of the place, but are thrilled about my husband's new job. I hate good-byes and will truly miss all of my wonderful clients! Since my husband's family is here in Mesa, we plan on returning as often as possible, but no date is set as of yet. I will let you all know so we can schedule appointments.
So, if you are in AZ and want pictures before I go, email me ASAP. We are heading out on the 14th of October. If you are in Texas and want some awesome photos, email me and we will get you on the schedule. It is time to get those family pictures done for Christmas cards!
Now for some pure sugar.
I love his toothy grin and drool.
So Miss K.
If you want some adorable baby legs, click HERE. Stitches will not disappoint! A perfect accessory for your holiday pictures or for birthday and Christmas gifts. Adorable.
These sweet people are my dear friend Heather's one year old twins. The happiest little ones you will ever meet. Beautiful. Oh I will miss them when we move.


Heather said...

Oh! Sniff, sniff! Unpack your bags right now! I am already sad. Beautiful pictures, thank you so much!

The Drinkwater Family said...

That's exciting! New places means new adventures! Good luck on the move! Happy to hear you guys are doing well!

Peterson Family said...


I just visited San Antonio and loved it! It's a very nice city with a lot of history, good luck with moving your cute family- I am glad to hear you are doing well. Next time you visit Sacramento let me know and I'll definately have you take pictures of my little ones

Butler Fam said...

I finally made it to your blog and am rewarded with adorable pics of Heather and the twins! yay!!! So cute ... and your pics are beautiful. You are so talented. :)