Tuesday, December 15


... Way too cool,
a Heartbreaker,
a Stud,
The W family was so much fun to photograph. They were all real and totally relaxed which makes my job so fun and easy. A Seriously awesome family!

Love His Eyes

You might remember this little guy from here. He is now 3 months old, yet he acts like a 6 month old. He can do very mature things for his age. He is a little sweet heart. He just checked me out the whole shoot; just staring at me and wrinkling his cute little forehead.
Seriously adorable.

Wednesday, December 9

The Day

we have all been waiting for! Today is the day this little guy, my sweet little nephew, goes in for his major heart repair. Surgery begins at 10am. If all goes well, he will be off all the tubes!!! Say a BIG prayer for him.
*** UPDATE: After waiting all day, my sister was told that they would have to postpone the surgery until next week due to an emergency case that came up early this morning! Bummer!!

On the Playground

This is my dear friend's little family. We had tons of fun running around the playground. It was hilarious to watch them all get in place for the first picture ;).
I can't believe how big this little one is getting. One year already! Time flies and I seem to be unable to keep up.
Love this shot.

Wednesday, November 25

Little J

This little man just turned one! Happy Birthday! Can you believe he kept a hat(s) on? His Daddy is in the Military so we thought it fitting to capture this time in his life.
A memory of his favorite past time..
A little shout out to Dad and Grandpa's favorite team...
This one is for Grandpa...

Love this one...SO sweet.

Blue shirts and Big Smiles

This is the 4th time I have photographed this family and they never disappoint with their good looks and adorable personalities. The 2 little guys were so proud to be sporting an outfit that resembles the likings of their father. They knew they looked good and walked around strutting their stuff.
Watch out ladies! These are two handsome little men.
I love how proud Dad looks.

Wednesday, November 18


I had the delightful pleasure of helping my photog friend Heather photographer her sweet little twins. They are absolutely gorgeous. Both of them were so sweet and let us move them around for almost two and a half hours! Heather looks so beautiful and juggles life with twins like a champ. You would never know she gets no sleep :).

Contest Winner

Remember way back in June... I had a giveaway on Make It and Love It (the cutest crafty blog EVER) for a free photo shoot? Well, here are the results. I finally met the cute family who won and I think we came out with some great shots. "Big Brother" was not so much into smiling, but with those gorgeous eyes, he got away with still looking oh so handsome. What a fun evening we had!

Saturday, November 7

For R and M

What a dang cute couple. They were hesitant a bit at the beginning to be in front of the camera, but quickly warmed up, don't you think? They have been together for 6 years and are tying the knot next April in Cancun. Perfect. For. Each. Other.