Wednesday, November 18

Contest Winner

Remember way back in June... I had a giveaway on Make It and Love It (the cutest crafty blog EVER) for a free photo shoot? Well, here are the results. I finally met the cute family who won and I think we came out with some great shots. "Big Brother" was not so much into smiling, but with those gorgeous eyes, he got away with still looking oh so handsome. What a fun evening we had!


Emily said...

Liz, you are absolutely amazing. They just didn't want to cooperate and you managed to get these awesome pictures, I can't believe it. I love these!
I don't know how we got so lucky to win that contest, but we sure are happy about it.
It was fun meeting your family!

margieandnorm said...

Liz, I am Emily's Mom and I love these photos. I am so excited to see the rest. Thanks for such a wonderful job.

Ashley said...

Wow, Liz....those are beautiful!!! Amazing....every time. And Liz, your boys are seriously adorable. Love that last pic of them on the tracks. Melts my heart!

Celeste said...

BEAUTIFUL pics here! Much sucess to you!