Monday, February 2

Just A Teaser

There are more to come, but I wanted so bad to show you all how cute these two are. They were married 2 years ago and finally got around to taking their wedding pictures. It was so fun because they still act like newly weds, but they also have established that best friend relationship that comes with time and the experiences of marriage.



Heather said...

Those are gorgeous! "A" looks beautiful!

Rachel Hanchett said...

your right they are still a cute newlywed couple! Great job by the way!

Ali said...

Dude, am I the last to know these were up?? Your photography rocks! I can tell these were some of the last shots we did 'cause my smile looks kinda tired ;)Can't wait to see the rest and thx for the compliment on B and I, he's amazing and we're really lucky to have each other!!