Wednesday, February 10

Little B

I am finally getting all caught up on my blog. I have just a few more pics to post and I will finally be prepared to have my baby! I have about 3-4 weeks left until his arrival, and I have so much to do before then. One of which is to choose a name! Anyone have any suggestions? I am pretty desperate. With my first baby we had the name picked out so early in the pregnancy and never thought about it again. This time is different and it stresses me out. I NEED to put his name up in his room before he gets here. This is urgent. So suggestions are welcome... PLEASE!
Here is darling Little B and I can't believe she is 9 months already! She is getting so big and is as cute as ever.


Heather said...

Oh dear! The name game. I hate that game and you know well enough how distraught I was over picking Max & Kate. Sadly, I have no suggestions for you! But I must say your work is stellar, the light gorgeous, processing divine and the 3rd shot of this babe is so yummy. Great job friend. :)

Emily said...

Aww she is so big and looks so adorable! Great job, Liz.

... and for name suggestions, my husband really likes Thor. Yeah I didn't think that would help too much. Good luck with the next couple of weeks, can't wait to see pictures of the little guy!

K+B said...

Hi! You don't know me, but little 'b' is my niece, and these pictures are incredible! I'm expecting as well (due about the same time you are) and I wish we lived down there so you could take pictures of my little one! You're incredible!
Good luck with the name, it's tough!! I've been a huge fan of Lukas and tristan for boy names. There's a weird strangers two cents!!
congrats and LOVE your work!

Emily said...

I love baby names!! I ran across your blog (awesome work!!) and I thought I'd share some ideas to help you out: Levi, Weston, Hudson, Quinn, Kalen, Dalen, Jamin, Alec, Laron, Eli, Ryler, Zane. Enjoy #2 :)