Friday, March 13

What an exciting time of year! I just love Spring. I don't know what I love best about it; maybe it is the flowers, or picinics in lushious green grass with my baby, or maybe it is because my house is extremely clean due to the idea of "Spring Cleaning" (OK, almost that way!). I also love how everything is changing and growing during this time of year. It is a time of renewal. Of self-evaluation. I have been thinking about my photography business a lot lately and the changes I need to make to create the business I dream about having. So, in a couple of weeks, I will be letting you all in on my changes. Change takes a lot of faith and courage. Change takes confidence. Yet, with change comes great things. The unimaginable. I am so excited!!

I will tell you now that on April 1st, I will be changing my pricing. So book now if you want the current pricing. I am so thrilled about my new pricing and the fun products I will be offering!!

Enjoy this time of year.

Here is a my baby enjoying Spring.


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